Researching for Indonesia’s government policy and local market interview is our greatest strength.


Government policy research, corporate strategy research



We will research the latest policy and strategy in Japan/Indonesia. Good research will serve as the first step for making a strategy unique for your project. The uniqueness of our service is that we also conduct interviews with government and business officials, in addition to collecting and analyzing information from articles and websites. Easier said than done; in most cases, simply making an appointment can be a big hurdle. Having Indonesian business etiquette in mind instead of merely applying Japanese common sense, and proceeding with intensive care, is the key to your success.

Market research (exports, business development)


The most attractive aspect of the Indonesian market is its large population, composed mainly of the younger generation; thus the potential for developing new products is greater than in Japan. However, it is also true that competition is more fierce since Indonesia’s domestic industry is also in midst of growth. So when considering business in Indonesia, proactively partnering and building business strategy beyond our existing ideas is the key to success.


We will conduct our initial research on basic market conditions of your sector (prices, users, brands, regulations, etc.), then take you on an on-site visit; your instinct and first impressions are what we highly value.

Interview (Cooperation) and Article Writing


Among our team members include a former journalist who possesses networks both in Japan and Indonesia, enabling us to perform interviews and write articles from a variety of fields and perspectives. So far, we have much experience in writing articles for magazines, pamphlets, and other publications. These strengths make us confident in supporting you create feature articles according to your objectives and themes.