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- Our Stance -


We believe strengthening and promoting our cooperation with pro-Japanese Indonesia will greatly help revive Japan. Our mission is to bridge the two countries toward our bright future. The success of your business and friendship projects with Indonesia depends on the positive response of the local people. The key is to convince the Indonesian side that “enhancing our relationship with Japan will bring a wonderful prospect for our country.We wish to satisfy you with our unique and pleasant business assisting service like no other consulting companies  or law & accounting firms.



- Service Menu -

◆  Comprehensive consulting service

◆  Promoting exchange programs and cooperation between local governments

◆  Government policy research, corporate strategy research

◆  Market research (exports, business development)

◆  Interview (Cooperation) and Article Writing

◆  Plan and guide a site visit

◆  Grasp the local conditions while staying in Japan

◆  Seminars regarding Indonesian politics, economy, society, etc.

     Promotion with utilizing Indonesian media (newspapers, magazines, TV)

     Indonesian video narration and pamphlet production services

◆ For local governments to build cooperation scheme

◆ For IT companies to hire IT engineer