Nusantara Research Institute. Inc

Think Tank specializing in Indonesia established in 2014 in Tokyo.


Visiting Indonesia takes an 8-hour journey from Tokyo crossing the equator.

High-rise buildings line the modern capital city of Jakarta, while the countryside is lushly green.


Indonesia is a vast island country whose east-west extent is almost equivalent to the distance from Tokyo to Hawaii.  A total of 270 million people, of which 75% are younger than the age of 35, live in 17,000 islands.


Only by vising will you realize the attractiveness of Indonesia, a huge developing country just below the Equator. International financial institutions predict that its economic power will soon catch up to that of Japan. The possibility of cooperation between Indonesia and Japan expands from the business field to the human resources field.


The founder Mr. KOMAKI, who formerly was a Nikkei journalist, has focused on this strategically important country for Japan, and over the past half-century has built deep ties between the two countries in various aspects.


Our mission is to assist such cooperative relations between Indonesia and Japan.