• “Working with Indonesia seems attractive, but understanding the reality merely through books and online information sounds risky…”
  • “I wish to see it through my own eyes before I start anything…”

We have solution for such concerns.

Plan and guide a site visit


Prior study is highly important for planning business and exchange program with foreign countries; not all travel agents and local partners can arrange a visit that meets your expectations. What is important is that the arrangements are made to achieve your objectives. We first ask carefully your requirements, then propose an effective itinerary. We have many positive customer reviews that unexpected hints and tips came up.



Grasp the local conditions while staying in Japan


Would you wish to get information relevant to your field of interest prior to actually visiting Indonesia? General information and explanations can be obtained from existing publications such as JETRO's guidebooks. However, data and information required for your corporate strategy vary between business fields, your situations, and every different factor- this is why you’d need tailor-made research.


We offer you a detailed local situation and useful business advice supported by our long history of Japan-Indonesia economic relations. We can proudly say these perspectives and strengths are unique to our service.

Seminars regarding Indonesian politics, economy, society, etc.



Information on Indonesian politics, economy, society, etc. you can obtain from media and publications such as newspapers are for ostensible use; what rather unmentioned, known to those in the know, may contain your most essential information. In our seminars and staff dispatches, we place weight on what usually is not publicly known, especially in Indonesian politics.