Is your business with Indonesia going well ? We give objective advice and work along with you. 


◆ Comprehensive consulting services ◆



We provide a wide range of assistance for various business and cooperation projects in Indonesia, from strategy planning to smooth communication with your partners. Being unfamiliar with differences in Indonesia’s business practices and customs can easily cause unintended and unforeseen problems in the local market. The key is to work together with reliable and trustworthy experts; we cooperate with local experts to resolve your problems.



◆ Promoting exchange programs and cooperation between local governments ◆



We have established extensive friendships with people from many different regions in Indonesia. We offer a wide range of possibilities and project measures, from establishing sister city relationships, cultural exchanges, sports exchanges, internationalization of local governments through exchange of young adults, and interactions which can contribute to resolving labor shortages and training human resources. Why not have us help you utilize Indonesia's vitality and potential to achieve a fruitful internationalization?

◆Bilateral project support◆


We assist you thoroughly based on the nature of the project, from introducing high officials and conducting effective negotiation to actual implementation.