We will work hand-in-hand with local media, to support your business promotion and enhance market recognition.


     Planning promotions with Indonesian medias (newspapers, magazines, TV)


The Indonesian media, like Japan back in its high-growth period, is enthusiastically planning various broadcasts and news reports looking forward to the country's future. We will grasp your promotional strategies and draw out from the media various ideas in planning your business. Success is much closer when we work together with the media and ask for their opinions, rather than finalizing the plan only from the Japanese perspective.



Indonesian narration for videos, making pamphlets



The number of Indonesian tourists and workers in Japan is increasing; so is the demand to translate into Indonesian a variety of information. Ordinary companies usually make a literal translation of Japanese materials as they are. We, in contrast, utilize the perspective of the Indonesian people and seek a better way to convey information using the Indonesian language, composition, and designs favored by the local people. We can also create videos with appropriate narration; some suggested fields of use are, as worker’s guides for your future Indonesian employees, videos introducing your company, or by restaurant or hotel industry to welcome the Indonesian tourists.