• People are an extremely important resource for building a sustainable society and business. 
  • Japan is currently facing a rapid shortage of human resources in various sectors, and the situation is more serious in rural areas where the outflow of the population is inevitable. One possible solution is to employ foreign workers.
  • Building a system/scheme to make this relationship long-term and meaningful than a mere “Workers seeking a greater income” and the "Employer seeking labor force” is our basic belief.

◆Build a scheme with the local governments’ cooperation


Rural regions have the possibility to eagerly accept Indonesian human resources in sectors such as Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Food processing, Nursing, etc. We will think together with both local governments on building a strategy to accept workers from Indonesia, valuing their pro-Japanese characteristics. In our approach we recommend utilizing the visa "Training" for the first step, or "Specified Skilled Worker"; these visas allow flexibility for both parties.





For IT companies to hire IT engineers


The Japanese IT industry has massive demand over supply and is facing a chronic workers shortage. Indonesia meanwhile has a large population of young people, and more percentage of smartphone users compared to Japan, making Indonesia an attractive supplier of IT Human Resources. We cooperate with Indonesian experts well informed on the Japanese IT industry, and are on the way to establishing a comprehensive framework to accept Indonesian IT engineers in Japan.